What Are You Doing for Grandparents Day?

Did you know that Grandparents day is this Sunday? Yes! There is an actual day that appreciates all the fine things that Grandparents do. You know the little things like giving us 5 bucks every time they see us or extra candy when we’re really not supposed to be eating it.

But given that they’re mostly pretty “experienced” when it comes to their age it’s awfully tough to shop for them don’t you think?  I mean what else can you possibly get a 70 year old that they don’t already have.

Oh I know you’re all thinking “Love!”  Yeah well sometimes it’s nice to get a gift on a day that appreciates these fine people.  When in doubt?  Go flowers or go chocolate.  You can’t go wrong.

Luckily 1-800-Flowers is having an awesome special you might want to take advantage of.

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