Dont’ Forget That It’s National Coupon Month!

Just a hearty reminder to all you shoppers out there.  Did you know that it’s National Coupon Month?  Since the 1800′s people have been using coupons in one way or another and we’re here to help you sort through all the crap to get some of the best savings you can.  And if you didn’t realize it already, online coupons are one of the biggest growing businesses out there.

Here are a consumer sentiments that you might find pretty cool:

91% of consumers said that would walk away from “the perfect sweater” if it wasn’t on sale.

97% of consumers want to know the cost of an item before buying

92% of consumers have changed their grocery shopping behavior in the last 2 years.

And things are going to keep changing.  As people are needed less in stores there’s even more of a need for discounts and coupons.  After all it’s just s swipe and a touch these days.  Gotta keep searching and gotta keep saving!